TOTAL Aggregates

TOTAL Aggregates overview

Total Regeneration believes in and promotes sustainability within the construction industry. To facilitate this, we operate a number of licensed Waste Transfer Stations in the United Kingdom.

Originally developed to support Total Regeneration’s in- house contracting operations, our Aggregates & Recycling division has since diversified and gone on to acquire other Aggregates & Recycling operations throughout the UK, with a view to become a leader in the provision of sustainable Aggregates and Recycling services in the Construction and Demolition¬† SECTORS.

We produce a range of secondary Aggregates and offer primary Aggregates including but not limited to the following;

  • 6F2/6F5
  • Sub-Base/Type 1
  • Single Sizes
  • Sands (Cable, Building and Fill)
  • Certified Topsoil

Aggregates Delivery

After leaving our licensed Waste Transfer Stations, aggregates are delivered in our own in-house transport fleet including 6 wheel Tippers, 8 Wheel Tippers and Articulated Trailers.

We also offer bagged products from our facility at Stoneraise Quarry which are sold to Garden Centers, Builders, Merchants, and Domestic users throughout the United Kingdom.

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