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We have been asked by our clients to offer our clients information on various stages of construction and an in-depth knowledge on various technical topis, such as asbestos management and health & safety. 

The primary objectives of this section of our site is to save you money on consultancy fees and equally educate you on all the topics that may be associated with your business or even at home.

Total Regen are constantly creating new blogs to assist you in your endeavors. 

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What is a pre-demolition survey

When a building is to be demolished the (non-domestic) client (usually the property owner) has a duty to provide pre-demolition information to the designer and contractor. This will involve a pre-demolition investigation and survey. 

How to manage asbestos in demolition

One of the key issues arising in demolition these days is asbestos. Widely used in construction projects by previous generations, asbestos is now accepted as the UK’s largest occupational killer and there are strict guidelines for the safe removal 

What is a Risk Assessment?

Risk assessment and minimum levels of risk prevention or control are regulated by health and safety legal requirements. Risk assessment is an essential part of the planning stage of any health and safety management system.

What is manual demolition?

Among the methods, manual demolition is found to be most applicable for most sites, especially for areas located in the urban zone. The safety of the demolition process would greatly depend on the type of procedure used.

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