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Here at Total, we are experts in caisson shaft sinking. We have completed many challenging and diverse caisson shaft projects that needed us to think creatively. We install shafts from 2.5 m internal diameter up to 25m internal diameter. They are popular for: 

  • Pump stations  
  • Utility holes 
  • Tunnel construction access, with the inclusions of tunnel ‘eyes’ for TBM launch and removal plus excellent thrust walls for pipejacking operations. 

Their robust nature also makes appropriate permanent works structures possible once tunneling activities have been completed. 

Caisson Shaft Construction 

Caisson shaft sinking is often a popular method of excavation where ground conditions are poor, usually on projects where the groundwork is of sandy base or gravel. 

Caissons are watertight structures that are ideal for constructing shafts in wet ground or underwater situations. When creating the caisson shaft, concrete segments are sunk using a hydraulic ram. These segments form the primary support for the shaft. We can create a caisson haft up to 25 meters in diameter using this technique  

The advantages of using a caisson shaft system include: 

  • Fast, clean, and accurate construction  
  • Quick construction  
  • Less labour time needed 
  • Creates immediate shafts 

An alternative technique to creating a shaft is to use a steel lining as the caisson. The steel remains in place throughout the construction process, until the permanent structure is complete. It is frequently used in pumping stations and utility hole construction projects. 


TOTAL Civil Engineering

Over the last decade, Total have developed an enviable portfolio which includes many top-level complex civil engineering projects throughout the United Kingdom 

TOTAL Roads & Sewers

Our expertise extends from shallow to deep depth sewers, small diameter plastic pipes to large bore concrete pipes, box culverts and attenuation structures

TOTAL Groundworks

We work with clients across a number of industries including well-known respected house builders & local councils allowing us to work on anything from small to large projects.

TOTAL Bulk Earthworks

Having over 40 years’ experience, excellent in-house support and in depth expertise throughout the construction sector, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence 

TOTAL Ground Stabilisation

Over the last decade, Total have developed an enviable portfolio which includes many top-level civil engineering projects.

TOTAL Shaft Sinking

Here at Total Groundworks and Civil Engineering we are experts in caisson shaft sinking., we have completed many challenging and diverse caisson shaft projects

TOTAL Bulk Excavations

Total specialise in bulk detailed excavation on sites throughout the United Kingdom. We have an extensive new fleet of modern machines available 

TOTAL Foundations

From huge commercial developments to stands for temporary school classrooms or a range of domestic work including new build houses and garden sheds

TOTAL Drainage Solutions

Total specialise in the design and installation of subsurface land drainage systems for the Sports Field, Agricultural and Horticultural and Construction Industries.

TOTAL Underpinning

Flexible underpinning solutions also enables Total Regeneration to solve more complicated foundation problem.

TOTAL Street Works

At Total, we provide Highways & Street Works services. To reinstate asphalt roads, driveways, footpaths, we supply and lay, repair, resurface pavements and car parks.

TOTAL Infrastructure

Total are a leading civil engineering contractor specialising in delivering design and construct infrastructure development projects for roads, bridges 

TOTAL Car Park Construction

When it comes to car park construction, you need the appropriate design to ensure your project is a success. There are several key elements involved in the car park construction process

TOTAL Cofferdam Construction

The purpose of a cofferdam is to exclude soil and/or water from an area in which it is required to carry out construction activities to a depth below the surface

TOTAL Retaining Wall Construction

Structural landscaping is vital in locations that experience a lot of runoff, such as around highways or in residential areas. This is where concrete block retaining walls come in handy.

TOTAL Hand Tunnelling & Headings

Traditional methods such as timber heading have been around for hundreds of years. Timber heading as a solution, compared to other methods of trenching

TOTAL CCTV Drain Surveys

If you are; trying to identify an ongoing drain problem, undertaking a condition survey or need verifying that a new drainage installation we can help

TOTAL Urban Regeneration

Total Urban Regeneration also known as (Total Regen) is one of the UK’s leading construction, civil engineering, land remediation and groundworks companies with a substantial portfolio 

TOTAL Energy

Total Groundworks and Civil Engineering’s Eco Division is at the forefront of the England’s more sustainability future. As recognised industry experts in renewables technologies, and commercial clients across the country

TOTAL Utilities

Collaboratively delivering gas, water, electricity and fibre optic partnerships through progressive turnkey solutions. Total is driven by specialist directors who have extensive knowledge & hands on experience 

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