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J Tomlinson’s repairs and maintenance department deliver a wide range of planned and responsive maintenance works, including domestic compliance (boiler installation, servicing and repair, electrical testing and remedials), day-to-day repairs, void properties, as well as renewables installation, servicing and repair.

Ensuring compliance across your domestic property portfolio

With a strong heritage in M&E work, we have very robust systems to ensure the highest levels of gas and electrical compliance across your domestic property portfolio, meeting regulatory and HCA requirements as well as providing peace of mind. We use dynamic scheduling and the latest mobile technology to improve response times, meet customer SLAs, and achieve a high first-time fix rate, delivering a consistently excellent customer-focused service.

24/7/365 customer contact centre

Working in over 70,000 occupied properties every year, J Tomlinson understands the importance of effective resident engagement, communication and flexibility in ensuring successful, timely delivery of works. With a dedicated 24/7 Customer Contact Centre and a pool of directly employed, skilled tradespeople, we provide an excellent service tailored to meeting – and exceeding – your specific requirements, and pride ourselves on being a leading provider to the social housing sector.

We value openness, honesty, and transparency, working collaboratively with you and your customers to develop lasting successful relationships that leave a legacy in the communities in which we work.

Tackling fuel poverty via our low carbon approach

J Tomlinson is committed to helping tackle the climate crisis by helping our clients meet their decarbonisation targets and reduce fuel poverty, whilst enhancing the energy efficiency ratings of their domestic assets.

Our award-winning team specialise in the delivery of low carbon building and maintenance services including ground and air source heat pumps and solar PV and battery storage. From auditing and consultancy to installation and ongoing support, our team of in-house experts can work with you to identify low carbon retrofit opportunities and access funding, allowing you to undertake energy efficient and renewable projects at no upfront expense or a subsidised cost.

Advances in smart technology and government funding options means it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to retrofit and optimise your organisation’s portfolio of older buildings, helping to improve EPC ratings, reduce maintenance costs, and meet your corporate sustainability targets. For more information on our low carbon services,



J Tomlinson’s construction team works closely with clients, professional services, end users and our supply chain to develop high quality, socially-conscious built environments that are fit for the future.

We have extensive experience in delivering impactful and sustainable construction projects across the extra care and industrial sectors, with the end-user experience at the forefront of our combined focus.

Our specialist team are equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver Design and Build, Traditional Build and Contractor’s Design, with our tried-and-trusted delivery model based upon on-time and budget handover, and supported by rigorous defects management, exemplary health, safety and environmental credentials, and value for money.

We strive to provide a seamless service from project inception to completion, helping us to develop long-term partnerships with clients based on reaching and exceeding shared goals.

Extra care new build projects

J Tomlinson’s extensive extra care portfolio includes the delivery of retirement schemes, dementia care facilities, rehabilitative and day-care centres.

As a leading provider of building and maintenance solutions to the care sector, J Tomlinson understands the critical importance of the right built environment in the delivery of cutting-edge person-centric care. Our collaborative, dedicated approach sees us delivering projects in compliance with Health Building Note standards, creating environments that are functional, efficient, and comfortable for residents and staff alike

Total - What we do



Our Regeneration teams deliver capital works, catering for all your planned improvement works. We are experienced in elemental work streams, whole house and deliver both short term specialist works and long term programmes to suit your budgets.

Our delivery teams are very focussed on providing the highest levels of care for residents whilst minimising time spent in their homes.

Total Regen understands the importance of effective resident engagement, communication and flexibility to ensure successful delivery of the works. Our Resident Liaison Officers work sensitively to create effective relationships between onsite teams, office staff, residents and you.

With a dedicated 24/7 Customer Contact Centre and a large network of tradespeople we provide an excellent service tailored to your requirements. We value openness, honesty, transparency and work collaboratively with you and residents to develop lasting successful relationships.

Repairs and Maintenance services

Total Regen’s Repairs & Maintenance team use directly employed tradespeople to deliver all your planned and responsive works, including day-to-day repairs, voids, boiler servicing and repair, and electrical testing and remedials.

With a strong heritage in M&E work, we have very robust systems to ensure the highest levels of gas and electrical compliance within your properties, meeting HCA requirements and giving you peace of mind. We use dynamic scheduling and mobile technology to ensure we exceed response times and provide high levels of first time 

Total - What we do
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